Broader Dietary Value of Food Category Contributors to Sodium Intake

As noted in the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee report, there is significant overlap between food categories that contribute to sodium intake and to vegetable intake. To ensure appropriate and effective messaging, dietary guidance, and food development or modification, it is important to understand the totality of nutrients and food groups provided by commonly consumed high-sodium foods. This applies whether they are in excess or support meeting dietary recommendations. In this project, national health and nutrition survey data (NHANES) from 2017-2018 will be examined to identify the top food category contributors to sodium intake. The analysis will break out data by racial and ethnic groups, and by poverty-to-income ratio. Intake of these food categories will be evaluated for the contribution to food groups and nutrient intake relative to dietary recommendations. This information will provide clarity on the broader contribution of these foods to better inform dietary guidance and messaging.

Institution: University of Toronto
Principal Investigator: Mary L'Abbe, PhD
Year Awarded: 2021

This project is being supported by the IAFNS Sodium Committee.

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