Virtual, Webinar
March 24, 2021
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

The gut microbiome is known to respond rapidly to dietary changes, but the idiosyncrasy and dynamics of individuals’ gut microbiota make predictive understanding of the impact of diet on the structure and function of gut microbiota elusive. Dietary fibers are increasingly appreciated for their role in preserving microbiome – and gut – health, but this nutrient category historically contains multitudes of different polysaccharide structures, which may (or may not) behave similarly in the influence on the gut. Given that American diets are woefully short of dietary fibers and consumption patterns are relatively recalcitrant to change, are there specific fibers that can be identified to consistently have outsized functional impact on gut health (i.e. be more impactful than others)? In this presentation, Dr. Lindemann will discuss his laboratory’s research on how both fine physical and chemical dietary fiber structure matters in interaction with gut microbiota, both with respect to composition and function, and the potential implications for gut health at precision and population scales.


Speaker: Dr. Stephen Lindemann, Purdue University

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