Measuring and Adding Fiber to Foods

Two new publications can help food makers formulate fiber-added foods with acceptable consumer tolerance.

Science Innovation Showcase Sessions

This science-first and science-focused event will bring together scientists from multiple sectors, at all stages of their careers from graduate students to professors, technical experts to CEOs.

New Protein Digestibility Measures

Supporting  validated, practical in vitro approach to determine protein quality  -  for use in formulating and labeling food for the North America population.

Reference Values and Background Levels for Heavy Metals in Human Diets

IAFNS paper Review of Regulatory Reference Values and Background Levels for Heavy Metals in the Human Diet is recognized as one of the most downloaded articles in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology!

Fundamentals Of Gut Microbiome And Nutrition Research

IAFNS has an extensive library of webinars focused on gut microbiome and nutrition science. Among these webinars is a subset of presentations targeted to individuals interested in reviewing the basics.

Updated Guiding Principles for Funding Nutrition Research

Updated Guiding Principles for Funding Food Science and Nutrition Research, published in The Journal of Nutrition.

Mary Swartz Rose Senior Investigator Award

IAFNS is honored that its Ad Hoc Working Group on a Framework For Developing Recommended Intakes Of Bioactive Dietary Substances has won the Mary Swartz Rose Senior Investigator Award! Congratulations to the team!

Sodium Reduction Science and Strategies Database

New searchable database compiles evidence-based strategies for sodium reduction organized by specific food categories.

New Tool for Improved Food Sampling Performance

With funding from IAFNS, investigators built a validated and ready-to-use simulation model to maximize the power of sampling plans to detect target hazards.

Alternatives to Animal Testing

IAFNS supports the replacement, reduction, and refinement of the use of test animals – through our scientific programming in food and nutritional sciences.

Medical Care and Malnourishment: Moving Toward Nutrition as a Human Right

IAFNS partnered with CNS and CMTF to offer the Food for Health Workshop to explore malnutrition in various settings.

Reducing Heavy Metals

IAFNS collaborated with JIFSAN to develop an interactive, web-based Metal Dietary Exposure Screening Tool to rapidly evaluate potential health risks